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Dreaming up 
ridiculously creative yet oddly effective
ideas strategies & solutions 
since at least 2007.

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About Us     

The following principles guide Trade Dog's culture of spirited entrepeneurship:
Honesty, mutual respect and earned trust are key to all successful relationships.
Clear, focused strategies that benefit all involved to the most positive outcome.
Find the "job" you love doing - and the inspiration to do it well comes naturally. 
Work and life need not be drudgery. Enjoy the short ride with love and laughter!

Services & Expertise 

Global Sourcing.
 The label inside many of our products states: "A Y3K Production. Sourced and Engineered Worldwide." And how true this is. 

It's an amazing Brave New World we live in, a Global Community interconnected in myriad ways undreamed of even one decade ago. Shared technologies have greatly raised manufacturing and quality standards Worldwide and enabled a wonderful  blending of traditional craftsmanship 
with modern techniques. 

Can we get you something? Anything? Tea? Coffee? Just Ask TRADE DOG.

Product Development.
Now There's a Great Idea! Have an awesome concept for a new product but need "a little help" coordinating development and directing production? 

TRADE DOG can make it all happen for you and more - let's have some fun!

You need it WHEN?! Have something that needs to be shipped from Point A to B - with  "Point A" often being somewhere on the other side of the Earth? 

TRADE DOG can manage all logistic elements every step of the way, a single package to container-loads, non problemo, asap.

Zag Creative - highly disruptive marketing strategies that break through the Net Noise 
to get your product not just noticed but Top of Mind and Highly Desired -

Creative Consulting.
Our forte. Even five-te. Just ask. Let's talk. Be glad to meet anywhere.

Don't call it an emergency - just Call TRADE DOG: (651) 324-8440

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